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More details about our services


Public Relation

Media Monitoring/ tracking

We provide print, electronic and online media tracking service. We provide tracking, analysis and translation for news.

Media Relations/ Engagement

As part of Public Relations service, we create the connection between the media and our clients. We design and execute media engagement activities according to client’s needs and provide the best suited arrangements.

Regular PR (Press release, News Story, Press Conferences, media events)

Public Relations is all about getting that sweet story out there for the readers. The methods for carrying that could be press releases, news stories, press conferences, media events etc. We consult with both our clients and our pool of media experts and come with the most effective method for telling our client’s stories.

Special media activities (fam trip, formal/ informal media gatherings, one on one meetup with client-media, media interviews, round table seminar, media training for corporate)

Sometimes, business as usual in PR is not enough to get the expected results. For those special situations, a special touch always hits the ball out of the park. Media Quest team is experienced in arranging familiarization trips, formal/ informal media gatherings, one on one meetup with client-media, media interviews, round table seminar, media training for corporate personnel.

Crisis Management

Unfortunate but true, many a times brands and organizations go through crisis. Media or PR related crisis can greatly affect the image and bottom-line of a reputed brand or organization. However, with proper market knowledge and know-how, these crises can be managed in a way that is beneficial for all the parties involved. MediaQuest has a team of ground and planning level expert for PR crisis management. We aim to contain and minimize and if possible, turn the media crisis a 180 degree to our client’s strength and advantage.

Content Development

The better the story, the better the impact on the minds of the reader. MediaQuest helps clients hit the sweet spot with readers, common and business alike with their team of content development. The team is experienced from working with various national and international brands.


Media Buying

  • TVC
  • RDC
  • Newspaper Advertisement
  • Online Advertisement

We offer competitive discounted rates with TV, Radio, Newspaper and online media buying.


Events and Activation

  • Corporate Events
  • Launching Events
  • Family day & Events
  • Lifestyle Events
  • Musical Events
  • Brand Activation

Events and activation are one of the major ways to get the masses involved with a campaign. MediaQuest team has an extensive rapport in the events and activation sector of the country. This helps us to plan and organize events that suit our clients needs.


Digital Marketing

  • Content Development (both Static and Video)
  • Maintain Media Hygiene
  • Query Management (Fast and Curious Customer query feedback)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • YouTube Channel Development (Digital program- Cooking, Lifestyle)
  • Product Campaign competition

An online presence is an absolute must these days for any organization. The internet is one of the easiest ways to reach millions of viewers, readers or target group with only a fraction of the cost traditional media outlets generate. MediaQuest helps clients with their digital presence needs. We design and cater digital marketing campaigns for our clients according to their needs.



Business Development

Brand Development/ Production concept/ Product Selling concept/Marketing concept/ Societal marketing concept.

Sustainable CSR activities/ Social Development

With our long tie experience on Events and Activation field, we are able to help organizations with their CSR activities and social development programs.

Special Training Program – Mental Health/ Team building activities for employee

The results of a business effort majorly rely on the team that is working tirelessly to get the results the planned to achieve. Keeping the team in peak efficiency and motivation is very important for result driven organization. MediaQuest helps achieve these goals by arranging mental health and team building activities for organizations.

Web Development (Comment: Should this not go with Digital Marketing? Kind of similar service.)